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Creating a private place for all residents, the Avida Settings Cavite is also complete with amenities and facilities. One of its top features is its gazebo a freestanding, garden structure that can give you that sense of tranquility in a sheltered area.  You can enjoy your free time alone or with your loved ones in this place.

The property also has its clubhouse, where to hold special community events and gatherings. It can make you feel thoroughly at home with your neighbors and celebrate good times, including birthdays and weddings in this place. It is one feature that makes the property unique and a valuable choice for an investment.

Avida Settings Cavite also has a parking area and a drop off area, giving residents the convenience of parking their vehicles and dropping off their loved ones. These areas also make the residential development a harmonious and organized place.

And if you feel like sweating out with sports and exercises, there is a basketball court, a jogging path and a lap pool and adult pool. In these places, you can make sure of staying fit and healthy. You don’t have to travel far and go to the gym to burn some calories, lose weight and improve cardio health.

You and your loved ones can also enjoy a day of swimming in the summer without going out the property. This is one of the most important features that the Avida Settings offers its residents with, as they want them to stay healthy and enjoy living in the property.

For water features, the property is complete with a water system to ensure of a steady water supply for all residents. This is another consideration when investing for a new home. You want it be installed with a water system that helps you perform daily activities with adequate water supply. The property is also ready for cable TV, internet and telephone connections.

For your dining experience, there is the Al Fresco dining area in the property. Additionally, there is also a landscaped lawn that gets you closer to nature and supplies fresh air. There are also plant vines, which grow up and make the place more beautiful.

Avida Settings is indeed a refuge for all families. It provides residents with a shelter away from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis while staying close to them all – including schools, hospitals, tourist spots and businesses.

The property also has a play area where kids can enjoy playing with other kids and spend their free time to stay more active in the various games they could play with kid neighbors.

  • Al Fresco dining area
  • Play area
  • Water features
  • Lap pool
  • Adult’s pool
  • Basketball court
  • Gazebo
  • Jogging path
  • Lawn
  • Landscaped gardens
  • Electricity system
  • Security

There you have the cool amenities and facilities that you can benefit from by choosing Avida Settings Cavite. It is a one-stop sanctuary that gets you closer to nature, provides you with a refuge from your daily living and offers you with all the features that you’re looking for a sound real estate investment.

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